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Why should you become a SCUMS member?

Our monthly meetings are free, but you have to be a member to join us on day and weekend forays. Our yearly membership is $25.00 for your whole family. Your membership dues support the club by enabling us to offer special programs, host guest speakers, and learn from expert mycologists at forays. Other membership benefits are:

  • You receive event emails and reminders
  • Members enjoy discounts for SCUMS merchandise
  • You get to attend our very special X-mas party, where we party, enjoy a potluck dinner, and a funny auction

Becoming a SCUMS member is easy. You can pay with:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Check

*by signing up for South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society you agree to
the below liability and release statement


Simply fill out this application (PDF) and return completed, signed, and dated form with check payable to “South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society” to Olga Cotter, 129 Merritt Rd, Liberty, SC 29657

Come to one of our monthly meetings that occur at 6:30 pm, the first Monday of every month.

Where: The Charles K. Cheezem Education Center, 100 Thomas Green Blvd (578 Issaqueena Trail), Clemson, SC. This is in Patrick Square. A map can be found here.

South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society is a non-profit club. It is intended for education and fun. Everyone is welcome.

Liability and Release Statement

Signing up for a South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society membership, you agree to the below:

I (We) realize that when engaged in wild mushroom actvities, that serious physical injury and personal property damage may accidentally occur. I (We) further acknowledge that there is always the possibility of having an allergic reaction to or being poisoned by the eating of wild mushrooms and that these adverse reactions to eating wild mushrooms range from mild indigestion to fatal illness. Knowing the risks, I (we) agree to assume the risks, and agree to release, hold harmless, and to indemnify the South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society, and any officer or member thereof, from any and all legal responsibility for injuries or accidents incurred by myself or my family during or as a result of any mushroom identification, walk, foray, field trip, excursion, meeting or dining sponsored by the club.