Useful Links

Asheville Mushroom Club
They  are a diverse group of people whose common  interest is to learn   about and collect all kinds of fungi and to  enjoy eating edible mushrooms we   gather in the forest. Others  cultivate fungi in their gardens. At our meetings,   we hear from  experts - many of them club members - about different aspects of   fungi  identification, folklore, cultivation and culinary preparation.

 Environmental Groups in Upstate 

South Carolina Fungi Magazine
Each issue of Fungi will explore the world of  mycology from many different   angles. With regular features ranging  from toxicology to medicinal mushrooms,   from photography to book  reviews, Fungi will inform and entertain everyone from beginner to    professional mycologist. 

Mushroom Club of Georgia
The Mushroom Club of Georgia is an educational  organization. Our purpose is   to promote the enjoyment, study, and  exchange of information about wild   mushrooms. Everyone who has an  interest in wild mushrooms is welcome to become a   member. 

Mushroom Mountain
Explore many fascinating aspects of fabulous fungi at Mushroom Mountain. A great web resource for teachers,  students, mushroom hunters, and growers featuring many videos and    instructions on how to cultivate edible mushrooms in the garden. Workshops and   lecture dates are also scheduled throughout the year.  

No Taste Like Home
No Taste Like Home offers wild food adventures  "off the eaten path," including the only forage-to-table program in  North America.

Ready to go wild? Join famed forager Alan  Muskat on a culinary treasure hunt. You'll learn how to safely find,  identify, appreciate, and maybe even EAT wild plants, mushrooms, and  other extreme cuisine. You'll also learn about wild medicines, dyeing  with mushrooms (that's D-Y-E) and more, all with The Mushroom Man's  unique blend of poetry, stories, wit & wisdom.